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The 365 Project, a photo for each day of the year.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Beauty of Night

Photo taken from my archives. This was shot in Salem, MA behind the The House of Seven Gables. My visit was in June of 2011, we did a quick night tour of Salem and this was captured via my Iphone. Neither my aunt, nor my cousin were able to capture this photo with a regular camera. Sometimes, I am very thankful for newer technology.


  1. Gorgeous, Terri. Love the reflection of the moon on the water . . . I do not have good luck with night shots but I am working on that . . . wonderful shot.

  2. Thanks Gini, I swear this was by shear luck. It is one of my favorite photo's and the screen saver on my IPhone. Every now and then, I happen to get lucky with a great shot. This was with an older Iphone so there was no zoom or anything, just a click and it was done.

  3. Sometimes luck is all you need. Very nice shot!