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The 365 Project, a photo for each day of the year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Final Roses of the Season

Looking at the bottom rose that is
getting ready to open, you would never
guess that it would be so yellow once
it opens it's petal's.


  1. Love that color combination. SIGHHHHing in delight

  2. Thanks Carol, my first picture post of this blog is from this bush as well. It was a yellow bush and my hubby planted a small red miniature rose bush in front of it. Now, we get the most amazing color combinations. I love it.

  3. Very pretty, Terri . . . love the colors. There is just something about roses. Beautiful photo.

  4. Thanks Gini, I totally agree, there is something about roses. They are so beautiful. No matter if it is a bud or a fully opened flower. Thanks!