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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Country Home

Photo taken from my recent road trip. This was our day trip to Hurricane Mills, TN to visit the home of Loretta Lynn. The home above is a replica of the home she grew up in, back in Butcher Holler, Kentucky. I've read that the original home sits on the property in Hurricane Mills, but we did not see it. Hurricane Mills has a campground on site and Loretta is performing a concert there in September. The property is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to returning to actually tour her home.


  1. I would love to tour her home, how relaxing and peaceful this home and setting looks. Great photo, Terri.

  2. Gini, the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous. You have to drive this long road before you get to her house and all the shops and touristy things. Going up that road, first thing on the left is a small cemetery. I wish I was with people that had the same obsession, I would have loved to walk the small cemetery as well. Like I said before, I will go back to do the tour. I've seen the house on TV on one of the haunted shows, I'm really curious to see it in person. I figure since I have to drive south to bring my son to school I should be able to visit soon. Thanks again!